50th Anniversary Year



Project Ultimatum

The adults are destroying the environment, but a plucky and resourceful group of kids think they have a plan to stop the decline and start a green revolution. But as with all great drama, the clock is ticking… 

Featuring popular songs from well-known musicals, this promises to be as entertaining as it is thought-provoking to students’ families and friends. 


Director Rosie Kat and Music Director John Lyon lead a week of drama, stagecraft, singing and musicianship in a fun and creative environment.

If you are between 9 and 16 and love to perform, find out more by clicking here

Our Summer School 2021 runs from Monday 16th – Friday 20th August



Futuristic. Interactive. Digital! 

Dive into the frantic and fantastical world of Mozart’s The Magic Flute.

The world isn’t the same as it was – so it’s fitting that LYO’s next musical offering is one where the world isn’t quite as it seems, Mozart’s The Magic Flute.  Strange characters and monsters lead the main characters through a maze of different adventures on their way to finding their goals.  

But in this time of change, LYO has also had to adapt to new ways.

We will be making announcements shortly about when and how you can watch LYO’s digital production, so watch this space to make sure you don’t miss out.

Coming soon to a screen near you!


by Lewis Murphy (composer) and Laura Attridge (librettist) 

We are delighted to announce a new one-act opera commission to celebrate our 50th anniversary in July 2021!

The celebrated creative team of Lewis Murphy (composer) and Laura Attridge (librettist) – working under the partnership Murphy & Attridge – have begun work on ‘ARC23’ – a pertinent and gripping tale for our time, exploring our changing climate, the nature of isolation, and the intractable nature of human behaviour:

“An expeditionary space force sets forth to establish a new colony for humanity, who are escaping a dying home planet. When communications with Earth fail, however, and all hope seems lost, how will the crew navigate their way out of the unknown …”

Laura Attridge (librettist) – “I am honoured to be a part of the celebration of Leeds Youth Opera’s 50th anniversary, particularly as a Yorkshire lass, myself! This commission for the performers of LYO offers a fantastic opportunity to write a piece which not only showcases their talents but also speaks to their concerns as young people in the world today”

Lewis Murphy (composer) – “I am thrilled to be writing a new opera for the 50th anniversary of Leeds Youth Opera, a company whose ambition and commitment to youth music making are simply inspirational. Laura and I have already started to develop our ideas and we’re both very excited; I can’t wait to start composing!”


We are looking for new young adults to join us for this production.  If you are aged 12-25 and even simply curious to find out more, get in contact. 

There is a huge cast of characters suitable for all voice types, so join LYO for a Space adventure of your own.


Leeds Youth Opera brings together young people aged 12-25 from Leeds and surrounding areas to dive-into opera and operetta.
To experiment, to explore, to build a love for opera in its many forms.


Led by professional music and artistic directors, LYO creates an environment for young people in Leeds who are interested in
vocal, dramatic and orchestral arts to learn by performing real opera on a real stage.


Each year we perform one, and often two, fully staged productions. LYO is one of very few regional youth opera groups and is widely
considered a unique society. A few years with Leeds Youth Opera can bring a
lifetime love for opera, lasting friendships, and growing self-confidence.


Click here to learn more about LYO’s 50-year history and the foundations of the society.



What is the core aim of LYO?

The advancement of education and the appreciation of music, song and drama through opera for the public benefit but particularly for young people.




Leeds Youth Opera is a member of Leeds Community Arts Network.
This is a network of amateur societies across Leeds delivering quality community arts.